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Health Link Employee Wellness Programme powered by KAELO

Astral’s Health Link programme is a close partnership between Astral management, company employees and Kaelo, a leading health and wellness company. The Health Link programme was first launched in February 2009 and has helped save thousands of lives and millions of Rand’s within the Astral group.

Since inception, more than 18 300 health screenings have been conducted, assisting employees to understand their health status and enabling them to diagnose chronic diseases, including HIV/AIDS, as well as enrolling employees onto a Patient Management programme – all of which ensure the uplifting of all people.

Health Link centres are available at various Astral operation plants and the aim is to provide the following services to employees:

  • Patient Management follow up – Employees with high risk chronic conditions (Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes and HIV)
  • Education on chronic conditions
  • Pathology for HIV positive employees (Clinical Staging)
  • Wellness screening for new employees
  • Referral to treatment – either professional or government
  • Astral Health Link Wellness Programme Awareness

Astral’s Health Link continues to grow from strength to strength, achieving on-going success on all fronts. Some important achievements over the past years are highlighted below:

  • A total of 18 326 health screenings have taken place
  • The majority of HIV positive employees have been enrolled onto Kaelo’s Patient Management programme, where they receive on-going support, advice, education and encouragement to live healthy and productive lives
  • In addition, 2753 employees, with moderate to high risk readings for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity are being patient managed
  • Kaelo Patient Managers are visiting employees on-site to provide clinical support and counselling – more than 400 employees now benefit from face-to-face consultations each month
  • Training programmes have enabled 12 049 employees to learn more about health topics such as Tuberculosis (TB), HIV/AIDS, Post Exposure Prophylactic treatment and other chronic illnesses
  • Wellness Ambassadors, formerly named ‘Peer Educators’, have received training and support to promote health and wellness and to help reduce the social stigma associated with HIV/AIDS
  • Breakthrough partnerships with the Department of Health have enabled employees to gain easier access to treatment and quality care at both state clinics and onsite company clinics:
    • More than 50 employees receive free anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment every month
    • Chronic medication is being provided on-site
    • Employees can access TB treatment and education
    • ARV Treatment Initiation courses have been done on-sites

These important achievements have led to noteworthy reductions in absenteeism, deaths and incapacity caused by illness and disease. This reflects the benefits of proactively treating and managing HIV and other chronic diseases.


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