Chicken Facts

Chicken Inspection

All chicken are slaughtered under the Meat Safety Act and are processed for human consumption by a qualified and registered Meat Inspector.

Fresh Chicken is slaughtered under the Product Standard Act which prescribes the grading of whole birds in terms of Grade A and B standards. Portions are usually sold as per good trading practices.

Fresh or Frozen?

The term fresh on a poultry label refers to poultry meat that has never been processed or frozen below 0°C. Frozen chicken is processed to a frozen state below minus 12°C and should be stored at a minimum of below 12°C but preferably below minus 18°C. Any poultry product that is previously frozen and is re-processed needs to clearly indicate on the label “previously frozen”.

Dating of Chicken Products

All poultry is a perishable foodstuff that needs to be labelled with a “Best Before”, “Use By” or “Expiry Date”. These dates indicate the period in which the product is safe for use.

Fresh Products carry a “Use by Date” that indicates the shelf life of the product when refrigerated. When products are frozen within the “Use by” date, the shelf life can be extended.

Frozen products carry a “Best Before” date that indicates the estimated shelf life if continuously stored below a core temperature of minus 12°C.

Hormones & Antibiotics

No hormones are used during the raising of chickens.

Interesting Facts